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1. The quality of the security personnel in Ji'nan
Safety service enterprise is a densely populated enterprise. The development of enterprises needs the active participation of high-quality employees. The first task of recruiting talents is to recruit excellent safety in every human resource department. First of all, enterprises should use various recruitment channels to dig high-quality talents for enterprises. Secondly, the welfare of enterprises should have some advantages in the same industry, so it has a certain number of talents. A good security officer must have good ideological and commercial qualities to complete the work. The work and assessment of security personnel should be strictly in accordance with standards and comprehensive evaluation. The testing area should include skills, cultural level, telephone calls, coordination and so on. The security supervisor is directly related to customers, good working attitude, good language and warm service is the yardstick of our management level.
Two. Training and education for security personnel in Ji'nan
When security personnel enter the team, early theoretical training is necessary. In order to prepare a scientific and reasonable training plan, supplemented by flexible training methods is the primary issue. Teaching cases focus on the combination of theory and practice, as well as the methods of centralized training and individual assessment. Training focuses on the excavation and use of talents, and understands people's skills, hobbies, fitness and so on. Only by fully exploring and excavating the potential of talents can we correctly play its role and expertise and create a relaxed and fair management atmosphere. The training project should be carried out basic assessment, understanding and mastering the quality of training, and applying rewards management poles to laziness. Conventional military skills training and theoretical knowledge training complement each other, plan and plan weekly plans. At the same time, fire and other emergency response simulation exercises have not been ignored. Learn from actual experience and be really ready. In this way, the overall combat effectiveness of the Baoan army has been enhanced, laying a good foundation for the smooth progress of the whole year.

Three. Improve and implement various management systems


Efficient management requires a sound system to support it. Formulate and improve management rules and regulations to provide better guidance for daily management. Enterprises should develop effective staff manuals, organize learning and supervise implementation. Let grass-roots management make rules and regulations to let employees know their code of conduct.
Four, meticulous ideological education work
Managers should conscientiously implement the spirit of enterprise guidance and pay attention to management relaxation. We should learn from the practice of humanized management and use the rule of law based team to develop team spirit and owner spirit. Managers should conduct basic research to understand the team's ideas and work. Find the key and think well. This forms a centripetal force and a cohesive force.
Five, retain excellent talents
How to retain top talents, enterprises should be the first theme. Enterprises should strengthen management and take more measures in personal growth training, development space and other incentive measures. Let excellent staff do comfortable work in the enterprise, so as to reduce staff turnover and maintain team stability.

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