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When the soldiers are selected and selected, they should try their best to keep them stable and melt them into a whole as soon as possible, and make them a "security team" that can win the battle.
As a manager, the focus of management is to use people and manage people. As the captain of a security team, I think that only by learning to appreciate the players well first, can we close the distance with the players, win the support and support of the players, so as to form a group of compliance, unity and cooperation, and to achieve the purpose of managing people and employing people.
For a security team, there are many new components, poor stability, uneven personal qualities and complicated personnel structure. As far as our team is concerned, the new players are mostly from the countryside, with the vigor and vitality of the young people, but the social experience and self immunity are generally not high, and are curious about the various kinds of temptation in the society. At this time, if the proper way and timely guidance, you may get twice the result with half the effort. On the contrary, if we allow ourselves to act without guidance, it may be difficult to manage and even lead them astray. Therefore, in order to manage the team, the first must be "warm" first, through the conversation with the members of the team, to understand their thoughts and ideas, to guide them in a timely manner, to lead them well, and to maximize their potential.

Every time a new team member is in the army, I will take the initiative to chat with them, understand their family background, personal experience, and view of the security work, and take their real work experience as an example to explain the nature of the work and the basic conditions of the industry to explain the literary life and working environment in the team and bring the new players to the team. Join the team with a passion. At the same time, I also persisted in a long time to do a good job to meet the new team of four jobs: to give parents a phone call, let the members of the parents rest assured; take the players to wash a bath, close to the members of life; take the first meal, let the players have the warmth of the family; accompany the players to stand the first class, so that the players adapt to the working environment as soon as possible.
Through these subtle actions, the new players will be able to create a strong foundation for their work and customer service in the future. Young players will be homesick outside the door. In everyday life, I will pay attention to a lot of details and make them feel the warmth of the security team from a lot of seemingly small things. Every holiday, I go to the duty station to visit the staff members, accompany them to eat meal, chat day, every team birthday, the team will prepare a beautiful small gift for them, let the team feel the warmth of the class family; usually to understand the players in the family and work, and other problems and difficulties, timely help. They solved it. In fact, these seemingly simple efforts, but can receive unexpected results. Through these practical actions, the new players can quickly enter the role and stabilize as soon as possible.
For the management of veteran players, they should not only be their "strict teachers" but also their "good friends". In the work, we should do the "strict teacher", adhere to the high standards and high requirements, and require the players to strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of the company, and meticulously complete the tasks assigned by the customers. In daily work, we should also pay attention to the team members' opinions in the post arrangement, make reasonable deployment within the scope of their ability, and try to satisfy the players. To be a good friend in life, we should care about the hardships of the players and try our best to reduce the burden on the players. For example, some of the duty stations are difficult to live in the environment, we go out to find the customer to negotiate; some team members work relatively monotonous, we start the players to carry out entertainment activities; for the unit with canteen, we actively negotiate with the leadership to solve the problem of the members of the meal, the players eat well, work also strenuous.
In the field of training, we have combined the actual team, cancelled the unified team learning mode and training mode, according to local conditions, under the premise of ensuring the completion of training subjects, the training time is arranged according to their own actual conditions, and the brigade is responsible for regular inspection of the training effect. As a result, the grass-roots posts are more flexible in terms of timing and content selection, and the players are more receptive. By learning the company's rules and regulations and the typical deeds of outstanding security guards in relevant magazines, we gradually develop their spirit of loving, caring and dedicated. Through daily business training, the players' professional skills have been improved, so that they can master the main points of action in daily work and the handling methods of easy events. In addition, we have a small file for each of the new players to record their working process and regularly report their performance and performance to their parents.
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