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First of all, we should strengthen the legislative work of the security industry; secondly, we should deal with the security industry according to the law of the market and completely break the occupation and regional monopolization of security service; in addition, it is necessary to study how to change the form of supervision of the security service enterprises.
In other countries and regions, the security service enterprises belong to the enterprise which is completely independent. The state's handling of the security industry is the first acceptance of the prior consent and after the supervision. The government has set strict promise conditions for the establishment of the enterprise and the security officer to ensure that as long as the subject of the security service industry is able to enter the profession, the government will sanction the illegal acts of the subject and act in accordance with the law through the supervision and inspection of the subject. And, in the home and area of the countries concerned, the Vocational Association is in the profession and in the profession. The professional self-discipline plays a great role in our country. It is also necessary for our country to combine the change of government function and the reform of community management system, strengthen the development of the occupational Association of the security industry, so that it can assist the handling organs in the normal operation of the business, strengthen the regulation of the enterprise behavior and cultivate its professional self-discipline mechanism.

Security services are provided for the protection of the security interests of the service targets. Therefore, the security service companies and the security guards should pay special attention to the strict implementation of the security service rules and not overstep the authority given by the law when carrying out the security service. In performing their duties, they must not harm other people's rights and freedom, nor engage in any reasonable activities of any individual or group. For example, there should be no interference in stopping work and Party activities. People who find stolen products in supermarkets can transfer them to public security organs, but they must not be injured. When using electronic monitor to perform security business, we should strictly select the location of the device according to the rules and use it correctly in order to prevent the damage to other people's personality rights.


Because the security profession is different from other professions, Fellow Mo Jihong believes that necessary measures should be taken to strengthen the legalization of security standards.
1, set up a strict security service promise.
Through the method of legislation and setting strict conditions, the main body of the general decree which agrees with the conditions is set up by the security service company, so as to facilitate the effective competition between the companies of different security services within the scope of the laws and regulations.
2, set up stricter security personnel training standards.
The criteria for determining the qualifications of strict security personnel and resolutely crack down on the phenomenon of black security or private security;
3, set up a professional standard system for security service.
Standard security personnel engage in security services, further clarify the safety rights and interests of customers, straighten out the power and responsibility links between the parties in security services;
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