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The world is changing rapidly, advanced technology is getting closer and closer to us. In the next 3-5 years, every industry will change. Technology is the future! In the face of the traditional security work, how to determine the focus and improve the efficiency of the work? How to solve the core problem of the general low salary and salary in the security industry?
After the nineteen great victories, the times have given us a new mission, which requires us to have innovative thinking to meet the new era. With the rapid development of Internet technology, the traditional security enterprises must be transformed and upgraded to achieve self revolution. The security service industry is in a critical period of reform and innovation, new opportunities and challenges coexist, the company will continue to strengthen the sense of innovation, cultivate the spirit of innovation, the unity of inheritance and innovation, study new situations and solve new problems, and strive to create a new situation of security work. Vigorously carry out the construction safety, enhance the company's development potential. Pointed out the three directions: to continue to consolidate the security infrastructure; continue to strengthen the system construction; to expand the coverage of safety alarm system.

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology such as cloud computing and Internet of things, the role of big data as the new kinetic energy of economic growth is increasingly prominent, and human beings have entered the era of big data. In the era of big data, as one of the main sources of massive data, the related applications of the security industry produce huge information data, which brings infinite possibilities for the development of the security industry. When the times are changing, science and technology are developing, the security group follows its pace, not forgetting the initial heart, and progress with the enterprise.


随着加入WTO,我们的保安业也应在国际保安服务业市场上占有一席之地。展望保安业的未来,充满信心,保安的业务不能仅停留在简单的看家护院、巡逻站岗上,要把它当作一个产业来发展,现有的保安公司必须利用自身的市场优势,尽快完成从单纯的服务业向保安业的转变。 一城一公司,没有竞争,这是当前保安服务业的致命伤。只有引进竞争机制,保安行业才能向前发展。目前,各地基本上是以行政区划为范围设置保安公司的,形成了保安公司画地为牢,只能在自己的区域开展业务,跨地区、跨行业、跨部门的保安业务难以开展,客观上导致了保安服务行业的行业垄断和自我封闭,使其失去了应有的活力。
With the entry of WTO, our security industry should also have a place in the international security services market. Full of confidence in the future prospects of the security industry, security, business can not only stay in simple housekeeping nursing homes, patrol guard, to regard it as an industry to develop the existing security company must use its own market advantage, complete the transition from simple services to the security industry as soon as possible. One city and one company, no competition, this is the current security service industry's fatal injury. Only with the introduction of the competition mechanism, the security industry can develop forward. At present, all are basically based on administrative divisions to set the scope of security companies, security companies formed a prison, only doing business in their own region, cross regional, cross industry, cross sectoral security difficult to carry out business, objectively led to the monopoly of security service industry and industry self closed and lost its due vitality.
In fact, only by competition can those enterprises that have higher cost performance and security labor have a firm foothold in the market, form labor brand and cause the market to reshuffle, that is, the game rules are formulated by the market. The management department is also aware of the problem. According to the promise of joining WTO, our country will adjust the security policy and management system of current, Tianjin security legislation work is being carried out, its core content is to reform the public security organs do exclusive security, to allow citizens, legal persons and other organizations in accordance with the terms of the open security service enterprises, gradually realize the change from the public security organs "security" to "security".
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