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The new system, the mechanism is not active, the public security organs under the management of security companies is the administrative management mode, prior approval, after the report, no prior referrals, rational also unreasonable, do not report the accident was reversed afterwards. Higher demand, more intervention, more discipline, more discipline, less power, less discourse and less decision. If a company has a new project, it must ask the supervisor first, if the leader has to put it down in advance. Down a link, at least ten days and a half months, more than a year or so. So the enterprise will lose many development opportunities. In fact, sometimes as long as the leadership of a word can solve the problem, there is no need to run the road, around the circle. The good administration system can be used for reference for the security enterprises, but can not be copied. The enterprise should operate in accordance with the enterprise management mode.

Conservative ideas, lack of innovation, the management of the company's security blanket caused by inertia, when not active, is accustomed to listening to instructions, execute the command, "steady" word, would rather not general, it will not take the initiative to do, take the initiative to do things because there is a risk that doing good is good, do not assume responsibility to. It is better to "listen to the leadership arrangement" than to "listen to the leadership". Even if it is wrong, someone is responsible. Why not? For a long time, people have developed the idea of "doing things with nothing to play", the thinking of people's personality is imprisoned, not to mention the concept of innovation.


Management is loose, slow-moving, state-owned enterprise security, from top to bottom management positions are basically the appointment system to the chairman and general manager, to the class, group leader, led by layers of red head file or designate, various interests take advantage of a weak point, can not be under the administrative system of the promotion according to status etc. the management of defects affecting every hour and moment of security companies, internal relations sometimes lead directly to the writ of perplexing, or slow-moving, internal rules and regulations in the implementation of discount. Bureaucracy, anarchism and incompetent managerial cadres within enterprises can all affect the development of enterprises, or directly cause great losses to enterprises, and also create unhealthy atmosphere within enterprises. Brain drain, low quality, security companies do not have high quality talents, naturally difficult to have high quality service to high quality service, naturally difficult returns, the security staff's wages and welfare is difficult to be improved, after decades of days and months multiplying has formed a vicious circle.
The market is uncertain. The market is not a permanent market. Share is not a permanent share. This is closely related to the internal management capabilities, technological advantages, team quality and service quality of security enterprises. Riding a boat behind. The state-owned enterprise restructuring security decoupling, separated from the public security organs, if still hold in the past the kind of "personal" mode of thinking, self, not face, pull down the shelf, and no body, no customer is willing to deal, once lost customers, enterprises will lose the survival and development of space.
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